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The World's Number One Whitney Tribute

"Perilously close to perfection." -

The Stage

There are very few words to be said about Nya King. Either as herself or with her tribute to Whitney Houston, Nya is quite simply one of the best singers and entertainers you will have the pleasure to watch. Raised on a diverse musical spectrum of many of the world's greatest vocal stars, and reflected in her many shows in the UK, Europe and Africa, the peerless Nya brings her amazing soul & RnB style to the stage. 

Without a shadow of a doubt, the unprecedented and peerless voice of Whitney Houston has been Nya's biggest influence and inspiration from childhood, and her tribute to Whitney is world class. You will want to book her again and again.

Nya can be booked for any event, large or small, corporate or private, with full band or as a soloist.

Nya King Showreel  2018 {HD}

Nya King Showreel 2018 {HD}

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